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SOUTH SEA VAGABOND is  based  in the wonderful republic of Vanuatu !

We are fully licensed, registered and have all the permits to conduct

a charter business here.

With 83 different tropical islands beckoning to be explored, how could

we resist ?


The South Sea Vagabond



       Why choose a catamaran ?


       Worldwide, catamarans have become the charter boat of choice. Their stability means that people can enjoy the experience straight away - without overcoming the fear that their world is going to turn upside down. Things don't fall off tables, movement around the vessel is easier. The spaces are separated, you're not stuck together in a confined area. Seasickness is far less likely to be a problem.


       Sailing is a relaxing, timeless way to travel. No smelly engine fumes and the relentless noise of big diesels. In a multihull  you're sailing at powerboat speeds, the best of both worlds.


       South Sea Vagabond is an 18m (60 ft) catamaran. She is spacious and comfortable and has exceptional sailing ability.



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